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Biotechnology-Beyond Gene,Genome,Genomics: International conference: October 11-15, School of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics, Sri Jagannath IMT, Pune

Welcome to the SJIMT's

The inspiration to bring an institute for social causes for the underpriviledged and for them who can not afford to learn modern day techniques , goes to that person whom this world admires because he revolutionised this world, he is a legend called J. R. D. Tata.

He inspired an employee of his empire never to hurt a mother's sentiments, when that employee left an empire to fullfill his mother's dream only to stay with her.

That employee thought of doing something different so that no constitution of world can deny a citizen his basic rights to learn or to keep pace with evolving techniques. He then started a small school in his a remoteest part of this world, in a small village of INDIA, when education was only for the Landlords and the ex-employees of British rule.

Rules of world also never betrayed him, there was a stiff opposition from the locals, the politicians,the village pradhans even if his family members except his mother, he robbed of everything that he had only to wear leafs and paddy straws and to live on the roots and some vegetables which he could produce from his small garden.

"Fortune favours the brave": another rule of the world also could not give him the betrayal. By the grace of the Almighty, out of that village dust a new dawn showed it's way.

His learning, those sufferings, those hardships brought that area a sunny & bright days when that small village turned into a center of trade & business and with all the modern day amenities. That "Haripur" now "Jagatsinghpur" a district in Orissa a small state in INDIA.

Sri Jagannath Institute of Management & Technology is the dedication to that Mother & Son who sacrificed everything in their life for the sake of the land and yet not to recognised by anybody.

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