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Sri Jagannath Institute of Management & Technology

Schools of Studies

Schools of Studies
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To achieve our aims and objectives we are specialised into 16 Schools of Studies and by 2007 we are expanding with 12 more schools.


1.      School of Rural Development

2.      School of Adult Education

3.      School of Social Sciences

4.      School of Basic Sciences

5.      School of Biotechnology

6.      School of Vocational Studies

7.      School of Management & Information Sciences

8.      School of Graphics, Multimedia & Visual Communications

9.      School of Computer Science

10.       School of Engineering & Technology

11.       School of Health & Medical Sciences

12.       School of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition

13.       School of Fine Arts

14.       School of Fashion & Apparel Design

15.       School of Advertising & Mass Communication

16.       School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences


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